Perhaps the most important influences on my work are the Love of travelling, the sheer ecstasy of venturing into the unknown, the thrill of crossing paths with strangers who become familiar souls, and the intoxication of immersing oneself in a cocktail of novel sights, rich textures, alluring aromas, and captivating tastes.

These experiences, especially in the Iberian Peninsula, have not only been monumental in shaping my perspective but have also breathed life into my art. It wasn’t just the peninsula’s beauty and profound history that made me and my team relocate here; it was the realization that this place, with its magnetic charm, was where our hearts truly belonged.

Each nook and cranny, every cobblestone alley and sun-bathed plaza of this region, has a tale to tell. From the ancient citadels standing tall against the backdrop of azure skies to the murmurs of crowded tapas bars, the local landmarks and famed tourist spots have been inexhaustible wellsprings of inspiration.

My art seeks to encapsulate the pulsating, effervescent energy of the Iberian landscapes, infusing each creation with the same spirit of adventure and exhilaration that defines “EL Capitan”. Our brand is a reflection of these journeys, an emblem of our shared love for exploration.

EL Capitan isn’t just about apparel or art; it’s about encapsulating moments, crystallizing memories, and echoing the allure of the destinations we cherish. The “Ports of Call” collection is a testament to this ethos conveying the magic and mystic of travelling. Be it a meticulously crafted art print capturing a breathtaking Iberian vista or a meticulously designed organic t-shirt resonating with an iconic locale, each piece serves as a tangible reminder that captures the Peninsula’s splendour, inviting wearers and viewers alike to embark on their own Iberian odyssey In effect “save the date”.


Yours sincerely,


Artista & Founder of EL Capitan Iberia.